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I don't know if anyone of you is interested in studying computers. If you are, you might try this course offered by Stanford University.

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This is so COOL!
After watching something like this, I always ask myself why I have not become an ornitologist :)

Not much of English, but what beauty!!!

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Advanced English

Some of you are sometimes interested in more difficult things to do. Here is another website you can look at :)

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Good teachers vs bad teachers

We had a discussion in class on what the qualities are that a good teacher should possess. Here is another opinion. Leave a comment if you have one :)

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More difficult tasks

For those of you who would like to do more challenging practice, here are a few pages to explore:

CAE (Cambridge Advanced English):
Exam English (also CPE you can practise here)

CPE (Cambridge Proficiency English):

English online (also CAE you can practise here)
Flo-joe (also CAE you can practise here)
University of Cambridge

Do the tasks, check for yourself, ask questions to me in person or in writing :)