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Beyond Planet Earth

I believe people have always been interested in things around them as well as things that are either far away or not possible to see. Here you can find scales to both - galaxies and neutrons. Click on start, go right or left and I hope you will enjoy having a look :)

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IELTS practice

IELTS exams are one way how to prove your level of English if you are planning to study at a university where the language of instruction is English. Here you can find some practice material that you can use either to prepare for IELTS or for your school leaving exam :)

Twitter vs Facebook

I belong to both of these social networking sites - Twitter and Facebook, however, I had never considered either their advantages or shortcomings before reading this article by Matt Haughey. Although I would say each of them has its value that I appreciate, I go with the opinion expressed in the article concerning here and now as well as positive emotions regarding Twitter. 

What do you think?