trešdiena, 2012. gada 24. oktobris

Book Report

As December is not very far, I would like to remind you of the home-reading assignment. You can use these questions while discussing what you have read:

TYPE: Is it a detective story, spy thriller, horror story, historical novel, science fiction, romance, etc.?
SUBJECT: What is it about, e. g. family life, an unusual person, a mystery, an adventure?
CHARACTERS: Who are they? What are they like?
SETTING: Where does the story take place?
TIME: Is it written in the present time, or is it historical, or set in the future?
EVENTS: What happens? (Don't tell the whole story, just enough to interest your listener) Your favourite episode, why this?
IDEAS: Is the writer saying something important about people? Is there a 'message' in the story?
COMMENTS: What was it like to read? easy / difficult? short / long?
                        How would you describe the story? realistic / amusing / exciting / fast-moving?
                        What did you like especially about it?
                        How did you feel?

pirmdiena, 2012. gada 8. oktobris

Correction of mistakes in written work

This entry is for those who are not familiar with the way some teachers including me correct their written work :)

The mistakes are marked in the following way:
wo - word order
ww - wrong word
wf - wrong form
wm - word missing
pr - incorrect preposition
a - incorrect article
gr - unspecified grammar mistake
t - verb tense
sp - spelling
? - it means there is something unclear
p - punctuation
wavy line - I do not exactly like the way you have written something (as it probably does not sound natural), but it can be left as it is :)

If I have missed any, you are welcome to remind me :)

All the mistakes need to be corrected in the text (with a differently coloured pen or pencil) except for the spelling mistakes - each misspelt word needs to be written five times correctly :)

If your work is in a printed version, use track changes for correction.

Remember that diligent correction work improves your grade :)

pirmdiena, 2012. gada 1. oktobris


As some of you have asked me to provide a few more tasks on indirect (or embedded) questions, here are some pages you can have a look at:

1. Some good examples for indirect questions can be found here. Be sure to click on Part 1 and Part 2 for more examples :)
2. You can have a video to listen to some theory (if you feel like it) and examples :)
3. If you want to practice more, open this :)