pirmdiena, 2012. gada 21. maijs

Previous exam writing tasks

Task 1 Your Best Quality
What do you think your friends or other people like most about you? What could you change about your personality and why? Write a diary entry in about 60 words.

Task 2 Giving Advice
Donald, aged 16: 'I don't know what to do. What's the point of staying at school? I ding maths and languages impossible. I don't need physics and chemistry. I have no idea what career to choose.'

Write Donald a letter (about 110 words):
  • give him advice how to improve his results at school,
  • explain the advantages of staying at school,
  • advise him what he could do to choose a career. 
Task 3 Reasons for Leaving Latvia
One of the main reasons why people have left Latvia during the last few years is that they say they are better paid in other countries. Add two other reasons and discuss all of them in an essay (about 250 words), giving your own opinion.

Task 1 Computer games
Write a paragraph for a school project expressing your arguments for and against computer games. Write about 80 words.

Task 2 Your town/village
Write a description of a sightseeing trip in your town/village for a tourist brochure.
Write about
  • the area in general,
  • 3 significant landmarks,
  • accommodation and catering possibilities that might attract visitors. 
Write about 110 words.
Welcome to my town/village... 

Task 3 Young people's health 
Write a composition (about 250 words) describing 3 factors that affect young people's health and physical fitness. Explain why these factors are important and add your suggestions about how to keep fit and healthy.

pirmdiena, 2012. gada 14. maijs

Some fun before the exam

I suppose we all need a break for a couple of minutes now and then. Why not watch something in English? Try this video :)